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Jewelry Books

The following books are listed in Rio Grande Catalog Tools & Equipment 2006-2009©
As a service to you, we have linked them to the internet so that you may purchase them on line.

(1) Small Scale Photography- Charles Lewton-Brain
(2) How To Sell What You Make: The Business of Marketing Crafts- Paul Gerhards
(3) The AJM Handbook on Best Business Practices- Various Authors
(4) Crafting As A Business- Wendy Rosen
(5) The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report- Charles Lewton-Brain
(6) Centrifugal or Lost Wax Jewelry Casting for Schools, Trademen, Craftsmen- Murray Bovin
(7) Practical Casting- Tim McCreight
(8) The AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting- Various Authors
(9) The Complete Handbook of Centrifugal Casting- Philip Romanoff
(10) Making The Most of Your Flex-Shaft- Karen Christians
(11) Simon & Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones- Kennie Lyman
(12) Pearl Buying Guide (Fourth Edition)- Renee Newman, G.G., M.A.
(13) Colored Gemstones: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide- Antoinette Matlins, P.G.
(14) Jewelry Concepts and Technology- Oppi Untracht
(15) Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen, Craftsmen- Murray Bovin
(16) The Complete Book of Jewelry Making- Carles Codina
(17) Jeweler's Resource: A Reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas and Terminology for Jewelers- Bruce Knuth
(18) Making Metal Jewelry- Joanna Gollberg
(19) Jewelry Making: Tips and Tricks of the Trade- Stephen O'Keeffe
(20) The Art of Jewlery Design- Elizabeth Olver
(21) The Creative Jeweler- S.McSwiney, P.Williams, C.Davies, & J.Davies

(22) The Design and Creation of Jewelry- Robert Von Neumann
(23) Designing and Making Jewelry- Sarah Macrae
(24) Designer Style Jewelry- Sherri Haab
(25) Design Sourcebook: Jewellery- David Watkins
(26) The New Jewelry: Contemporary Materials & Techniques- Carles Codina
(27) The Jeweler's Bench Reference- Harold O'Conner
(28) The Rings Book- Jinks McGrath
(29) Findings & Finishings- Sharon Bateman
(30) Jewelry Manufacture & Repair- Charles A. Jarvis
(31) Practical Casting: A Studio Reference- Tim McCeight
(32) 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers- Alan Revere
(33) The Craft of Silversmithing- Alex Austin
(34) Precious Metal Clay: Creative Projects for the Beginner- Peggy Linial and Lindsay Stoms
(35) The Art of Metal Clay- Sherri Haab

(1) Small Scale Photography
Demonstrates through a combination of illustrations and photographs how to set up a jewelry photoshoot, taking into consideration price and material availability. Comes with a video of the author reading and expanding upon the book.

(2) How To Sell What You Make: The Business of Marketing Crafts (Revised Edition)
Tips on how to get your work into trade shows, galleries, and craft fairs, as well as on small business matters and financial basics. Also includes strategies and lists of organizations to which to refer during this process.

(3) The AJM Handbook on Best Business Practices
Concise, expert advice on how to adapt and practice successful business strategies, to streamline financial controls and more!

(4) Crafting As A Business
From the first stages of creation development of your product to pricing and business techniques, this book covers it all in full color, accompanied by stories and worksheets.

(5) The Jewelry WorkShop Safety Report
This book reviews safety, ways to recognize risks in the studio and reduce hazards by substituting less dangerous materials or proesses.

(6) Centrifugal or Lost Wax Jewelry Casting for Schools, Tradesmen, Craftsmen
This book covers the latest techniques and equipment with useful information on rubber mold casting and gold refining, as well as discusses differenent waxes and types of casting.

(7) Practical Casting: A Studio Reference
A simple book that covers model-making, spruing, investing, and several techniques including sand, steam and sling casting.

(8) The AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting
This book is full of helpful hints, guides, best practices, troubleshooting and techniques for every step of the casting process.

(9) The Complete Handbook of Centrifugal Casting
This book will guide you through mold building and various casting techniques applicable to producing prototypes, limited productions or whatever you desire.

(10) Making The Most of Your Flex-Shaft
This book provides bench tips that fuel creativity and push fabrication skills to the next level. Also teaches how to choose the right system, accessories, abrasives, finishing, safety precautions and more.

(11) Simon & Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones
Full of color photographs and informative text, this helpful book lists hardness, density, refraction and color for all major gems and precious stones.

(12) Pearl Buying Guide
Need an aid in distinguishing between natural, cultured and imitation pearls? This book provides not only the tips on how to do this, but also tips on pearl care and treatment as well as how to judge pearls by their shape, size, luster, color and more.

(13) Colored Gemstones: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide
Learn how to evaluate color, how to decide between natural and enhanced gemstones, what to ask when buying, what you should get in writing, useful price guides and more all from this book.

(14) Jewelry Concepts and Technology
The Jeweler's "Bible." A thorough reference for traditional and innovative jewelry-making techniques. Equipped with an international supply source list and hundreds of illustrations and photographs, this may prove to be one of the most helpful books one may stumble upon.

(15) Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen, Craftsmen
This book covers all aspects of jewelry-making within four categories: basic jewelry and decorative processes, casting, stone setting and jewelry construction. Exceptionally well-illustrated, well-written and comprehensive.

(16) The Complete Book of Jewelry Making- Carles Codina
Use this ideal starter guide to learn basic metallurgy, jewelry-making techniques and fine surface-enhancing techniques, gem-setting, engraving and enameling.Includes hundreds of illustrations and color photographs.

(17) Jeweler's Resource: A reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas and Terminology for Jewelers
A comprehensive reference for gems, gemology, metals, solders, chemical formulas, measurements, calculations and industry terms. Includes easy-to-follow text and illustrations and extensive resources.

(18) Making Metal Jewelry
Learn to create incredible designs by joining metal without using solder or a torch! Make imprints using the chasing technique and shape metal using piercing and sawing methods. Get unique results by accentuating, rather than hiding, metal seams.

(19) Jewlery Making: Tips and Tricks of the Trade
Designed especially for the beginner- but a great idea book for the professional as well. Discusses the basics of jewelry making, fail-safe methods as well as potential problems and how to avoid them. Also includes more than thirty projects!

(20) The Art of Jewelry Design
Take your ideas from start to finish- develop ideas, sketch, research, evolve and finish. Includes basic elements of design, tool use and many intriguing concepts that are applied in jewlery-making. Color illustrations and photos demonstrate the creative thinking behind the design and the finished piece from several contemporary artists.

(21) The Creative Jeweler
This inspirational book offers comprehensive techniques using a variety of equipment and materials that introduce you to this creative art form. Learn how to make brooches, pins, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chokers and earrings using various media.

(22) The Design and Creation of Jewelry
Learn the traditional and contemporary methods and materials of jewelry-making. Illustrations and clear text offer an overview for any jeweler.

(23) Designing and Making Jewellery
Ideal for the novice jeweler as well as the professional, four projects with step-by-step instruction and lavish photos teach all the necessary tools and techniques to create everything from hair pins and brooches to rings and earrings.

(24) Designer Style Jewelry
Learn how to make high-quality jewelry using a variety of materials. Play with shrink plastic, black polymer clay and resin; try your hand at crocheted jewelry and image transfers.

(25) Design Sourcebook: Jewellery
This portfolio of photographs presents the artwork of more than 80 international artists. Besides each photo is a materials list and methods used. A beautiful example of using jewelry and wearable sculpture as an art form.

(26) The New Jewelry: Contemporary Materials & Techniques
A gorgeous collection of designs crafted from the most exciting array of alternative materials available. See how innovative artists have achieved sophisticated styles without gemstones or precious metals. Instructions and processes are beautifully photographed.

(27) The Jewler's Bench Reference
This problem-solving handbok contains vital information about fabricating, soldering stone setting, plating and casting.

(28) The Rings Book
All about rings! The author discusses the history of rings and how to make them: the properties of various metals, techniques to work them (shaping, annealing, soldering and forging) and decorative additions.

(29) Findings & Finishings
Learn to finish a bracelet or necklace with just the right closure. Add flair with a wire-worked component; learn how to accentuate less-obvious elements to create a unique focal point of your work.

(30) Jewelry Manufacture & Repair
Learn the basics as well as professional and advanced techniques. Discover how to create and repair rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Covers setting, polishing and finishing techniques.

\(31) Practical Casting: A Studio Reference
This illustrated bench reference covers model-making, spring, investing, and several techniques including sand, steam, and sling casting.

(32) 101 Bench Tips for Jewelers
A collection favorite and valuable bench tips and tricks. Covers soldering, stone-setting, final polishing and everything in between to help speed production while perfecting quality.

(33) The Craft of Silversmithing
Learn how to make twenty objects- from jewelry to housewares- in this instructional book. Read about silversmithing and the tools and techniques to work with and finish silver.

(34) Precious Metal Clay: Creative Projects for the Beginner
This guide covers everything from getting started to creating free-form designs. Complete with tips, tricks, and more than thirty-five projects with photographs.

(35) The Art of Metal Clay
Learn to form, fire and finish silver and gold PMC to create jewelry, beads, vessels, and boxes. Includes discussion of the PMC products, tools, equipment and techniques. Learn to make molds, set stones and fire with glass. Step-by-step instruction, color photos and dozens of inspirational ideas.

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